How To Use TubeBuddy For Free

Tubebuddy is an irreplaceable tool for starting a new YouTube channel or taking your existing YouTube channel to the next level. However, sometimes it becomes a problem for new video makers because of the recurring cost associated with Tube Buddy. But Tube Buddy provides some basic features free of charge that can be used very effectively to optimize your YouTube channel. I emphasize that having a free TubeBuddy (It is my affiliate link) account will never be as effective as the paid version, but it will be good enough to kick-start your YouTube channel. So, this article aims to guide you on how to use TubeBuddy for free.

The paid version of Tube Buddy membership Has many advanced features that are like a goldmine for YouTubers. You can always upgrade your account from a free basic account to a paid membership once your channel generates dollars.

How To Get The Best Out Of Tube Buddy With a Basic Free Account

I developed a method when I didn’t have enough money to afford the paid version of Tube Buddy that you can use to do your Keyword research very efficiently without investing a dime. I use Tube Buddy’s free account and another free platform to generate keywords related to my topic that have good search volume but are easier to rank with minimal competition.
Besides Tube Buddy (My affiliate link), the other free platform is our Google Adwords.
I will demonstrate how I do it; you can follow me step-by-step.
So let us begin.

Step 1

a) Create your free Tube Buddy account.

b) Create your free Google-Adwords account

(I am sure you all know how to sign-up for various platform and hence I am not going into the details of how to do it.)

Step 2

a) Sign-in to your free Tube Buddy account.

b) Click on “Keyword Explorer” and ten click on “Launch Keyword Explorer”.

c) Search for any keyword related to your channel’s topic. See to it that your keyword score is 60+ (in green). If the score is less than 60, drop this keyword and search for another. Keep repeating till you get a keyword with a score of 60 or higher.

d) Note down all the keywords that you find.

Step 3

a) Sign-in to your Google-Adwords account.

b) Click on “Tools and Settings”

c) Click on “Keyword Planner” under “Planning”.

d) Click on “Discover New Keywords”

e) Add all the keywords here that you found at Tube Buddy.

f) Click on “Get Results”

g) Make a list of all the keywords that have average monthly searches of more than 1000 and competition is low or medium (preferably “low”)

Start making videos for YouTube related to each of these keywords regularly. Remember being consistent is the key to your success.
Once you start making money to a certain extent, invest that money in paid membership of Tube Buddy (My affiliate link) to accelerate your YouTube channel to the next level and start competing with professional YouTubers.

Are you finding all above too confusing?

Not to worry, watch the video below and follow as I do:



I am a blogger from New Zealand. I write about meditation, mindfulness and internet marketing.

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Ranjan Pandey

I am a blogger from New Zealand. I write about meditation, mindfulness and internet marketing.