Improve the Positive Energy in Your House

Ranjan Pandey
4 min readDec 31, 2021


My house is a very calm and beautiful place and is full of positive energy.

-Chris de Burgh

improve the positive energy in your house

Why You Need to Improve Positive Energy in Your House?

Today, we live in a world where no one has time for anybody. Forget about others; We are so busy maintaining a fast-paced daily schedule that it is causing lots of stress. We are not even aware of this stress. One starts feeling it when slowly this stress starts turning into depression and starts affecting our health.

Scientists have clinically proved that eating good food is not sufficient to improve our health and fitness. This is especially true for your immune system. Despite consuming the most nutritious food followed by all the available supplements, one can have a weak immune system.

Also, today our homes are full of IoT devices that radiate harmful radio frequencies. We all know that it is impossible to eliminate all our devices because we are so used to them that we can dilute their effects to make them less detrimental to our body, mind, and soul.

How to Improve Positive Energy in Your House?

I went through all possible resources to find ways to improve positive energy at home. I considered Chinese Feng Shui, Indian Vastu etc., but I finally zeroed to my very own system that uses succulents (This is my affiliate link and I will get commission if any sales takes place as a result of this link) to attract positive energy at my home (or office).

Benefits of Succulents at Your Home/Office

  • Succulents improve air quality by purifying them.
  • They regulate humidity by releasing water vapors via their leaves during photo-synthesis.
  • Help improve your concentration and also help the overall environment become more cheerful.
  • They keep pumping fresh oxygen to the environment.
  • Succulents boost our memory.
  • And my favorite one is: Succulents maintain indoor-outdoor flow in a very artistic way. I will demonstrate it later when I show you my collection and decoration of succulents.
  • A few of the succulents (like Aloe Vera, Yucca etc.) have well known medicinal properties.

Finally, I will add one more benefit that has made me addicted to succulents. When you come home tired, taking care of your succulents soothes your body, mind, and soul. It reduces stress, blood pressure etc. The whole process becomes an exercise of mindfulness and meditation for me.

My Very Own Succulent Studio:

I tried my best to use succulents at every corner of my home as artistically as possible. You might be better at using succulents for this kind of interior decoration but if you struggle at some point, feel free to use any part of our interior decoration as a template.

Starting with our deck from where you enter the house. A few light pieces of furniture with a few plants creates a very effective indoor-outdoor flow.

Corners of the house that are more responsible for generating Radio frequencies. (TVs, Laptops etc.).

Our hobby room, library etc. have their own succulent corners.

Even our bathroom, toilet, laundry boost to have their succulent corners (This is my affiliate link and I will get commission if any sales takes place as a result of this link).



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